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Triad Smile Center Provides Sleep Apnea Treatment in Greensboro, NC 

Triad Smile Center is your home for comfortable sleep apnea dentistry in Greensboro, NC. With Dr. Hooker’s training in sleep medicine, our office is equipped to help you find a solution to sleep disordered breathing that will work for you and increase overall wellness.  We make taking care of your smile and whole-body health as convenient as possible.

Sleep Apnea Screening & DiagnosisMan snoring in bed. Woman angrily holding pillow to her ears.

Many patients do not know they have a sleep breathing issue until a family member or partner makes a comment about their loud snoring or disrupted breathing during sleep. Other outward signs include extreme fatigue, poor quality sleep, and inability to focus throughout the day. While these symptoms are bothersome, many patients fail to seek the treatment they need to alleviate these issues, being unaware or hesitant of sleep apnea testing.

Dr. Hooker takes care to make the diagnosis and treatment planning process easy for patients by performing an initial screening.  During this appointment, Dr. Hooker analyses bite patterns to determine if jaw movement indicative of sleep apnea is taking place. After this screening, patients complete a sleep study through their physician to verify how many times they stop breathing throughout the night and levels of oxygen in blood to select the best treatment plan for their needs.

Treating Sleep Apnea with Dental Appliances in Greensboro

Through caring for patients with sleep apnea, Dr. Hooker and his team reinforce whole wellness – not simply providing patients with a mouth guard to wear while they sleep. By evaluating your smile for signs of this condition, we take care to be as pre-emptive as possible, which is why we also screen young patients for potential sleep apnea triggers, such as small airways and arches.

While traditional treatment for sleep apnea usually involves wearing a mask that pushes air through the nose and throat (CPAP), Dr. Hooker understands that many patients have trouble using this system as frequently as they need to and can instead provide a custom fit sleep apnea dental appliance or snore guard. This appliance looks like an athletic mouth guard and works to hold the jaw in a slightly forward position to keep airways open.  Patients find sleep apnea dental appliances to be more comfortable to wear, easy to travel with, and more effective in certain cases.

Finding the Best Sleep Apnea Therapy for You

Our Greensboro sleep apnea dentist, Dr. Hooker, works hand-in-hand with patients and their sleep doctor to determine what is best for their needs and specific diagnosis.  For patients whose condition has resulted in prematurely worn-down teeth, we can restore your smile and protect against future damage with a custom snore guard. Children who present early warning signs of sleep apnea may be referred to a specialized medical doctor or dentist for ear-nose-and –throat treatment or orthodontics to minimize or resolve potential problems.

Schedule your appointment with our office today to learn more about alternatives to CPAP, sleep apnea dentistry, and how to get your sleep apnea diagnosis.


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