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Dentures are one of the most common replacements for missing teeth and help many patients restore the appearance of a full smile. Dentures are also one of the most economical choices available for full arch restorations; you don't have to break the bank or go without the appearance of teeth if your smile has been severely compromised. At Vivid Dental, our Greensboro denture treatments are customized to fit properly and feel comfortable.

Preparing your Smile for DenturesSet of fake teeth with large green apple in between.

Creating the right treatment plan for your needs starts with a complex evaluation of your oral health and any existing, natural teeth. If few remaining teeth need to be removed, we can extract teeth and take impressions to fit your smile for the most appropriate denture size. For patients whose smiles are healthy enough, we can provide a denture right after extraction for immediate denture treatment.

Part of our treatment planning involves looking at the health of supporting jaw bone. It’s typically a good idea to have a strong foundation of healthy bone before placing dentures, which is why Dr. Kashyap also offers pre-denture bone grafting in some cases, to create best results.

Partial and Full Dentures for Replacing Missing Teeth

For patients with small groups of missing teeth, Dr. Kashyap can provide traditional and flexible partials. Our flexible partials contain no metal and are completely colored to match soft tissue and the appearance of real teeth. In some cases, our Greensboro dentist can create partial dentures that include precision attachments and do not need clasps to securely attach to teeth.

Full dentures are also available for patients with comprehensive tooth loss and can be created from cast metal or all acrylic, depending on your needs. All of our dentures are made to be as aesthetic as possible, with tooth-colored acrylic and seamless clasps that do not stand out as unnatural and are gentle on existing teeth and tissue. Dr. Kashyap completes a survey of jaw arches and creates a highly aesthetic framework for each patient.

Adding Implants to Dentures and Treatment Alternatives

Patients whose bone is healthy enough to support implant placement and integration can opt to have their full and partial dentures permanently fixed in place with dental implant posts. Vivid Dental is also able to provide mini dental implants, without a bone graft, to anchor dental prosthetics as a removable denture alternative for patients who have been missing teeth for a long while and do not have the bone quality for full-sized implants.

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At Vivid Dental, we custom create all dentures at trusted dental labs so you can enjoy a full and functional smile once again. For more information about affordable teeth replacement with dentures, contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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