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Dental Implants at Triad Smile Center in Greensboro, NC

Missing one of your natural teeth was once a health problem that did not have a completely stable and comfortable solution. However, advancements in implant technology have made loose, uncomfortable, or damaging teeth replacements a thing of the past. With dental implants in Greensboro at Triad Smile Center, Dr. Hooker is able to permanently replace missing teeth with prosthesis that closely mimic your natural teeth in appearance, strength, and durability.

Implant Dentistry at Triad Smile CenterA fake set of teeth with dental implant placement.

Our dental team has the skills and knowledge to perform all parts of your implant treatment plan. While many dental practices refer the surgical placement of implants to outside offices, we can install your implants without sending you to a third party for care. Dr. Hooker and his team perform both implant placement and restoration treatment in Greensboro.

We carefully plan your procedure to first ensure that you are a good candidate for implants and that they will provide you with lasting results. Implants are placed into and merge with surrounding bone in the jaw, which is why having healthy bone volume is essential. If, for any reason, you are experiencing problems with the density of bone in arches where implants will be placed, Dr. Hooker can provide pre-implant bone grafting, to ensure that your eventual implant treatment is as successful as possible.

Replacements for Single and Multiple Missing Teeth

At Triad Smile Center, our Greensboro implant dentists can place as many implants as required by your treatment plan, to take the place of a single missing tooth, or an entire smile of lost and extracted teeth.  Our comprehensive variety of implant solutions includes:

Implant Crowns – While a traditional dental crown is placed over a damaged natural tooth to protect it, crowns can also be situated on top of implant posts to take the place of a lost tooth, from root to tip. The base of the implant behaves like a tooth root and your dental crowns will be made to complement your smile, so you can enjoy a seamless restoration.

Fixed Implant Bridges – In the event of multiple missing teeth, a standard dental bridge is attached by anchoring to neighboring healthy teeth.  However, this can damage healthy teeth and is not the most  lasting treatment. By attaching a dental bridge to implant posts, however, Dr. Hooker can help to preserve remaining teeth and repair your smile.

Mini Implants with DenturesTraditional dentures can be aesthetic replacements for the loss of all of a patient’s natural teeth, but common complaints include lack of stability, biting force, and comfort. For patients who are dealing with loose, removable denture, these prosthesis can be more securely held in place with mini dental implants.  Smaller in diameter than full-sized implants, mini implants can be placed in areas of low bone height and are perfect for snapping a full denture securely in place in a way that helps you to enjoy all of your favorite foods and does not cover your palate.

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For more information about how our team can securely replace missing teeth in your smile with implants from our Greensboro dental office, call us today to schedule your consultation.

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